Blue Tuna

corporate video, commercials, broadcast & production facilities


With over 500 television commercials produced to date, Blue Tuna is well practiced in producing video advertising for all medias. We’ve produced content that has been viewed by millions and generated valuable business for our clients.

With the move away from traditional television advertising, we’ve developed our services to cover web and mobile formats. Providing relevant and effective strategies for today’s increasingly diverse and sophisticated audiences.

We listen to you, so we can tailor our technical production, distribution advice and creative input to your target audience the job at hand.

  • Experience

    With over 10 years behind us, we’ve gained extensive experience across food and drink, beauty, financial services, retail and automotive markets. To support our in-house staff we call upon our trusted roster of creative and technical talent to ensure our productions meet our high standard.

  • Facilities

    With in-house camera lighting and post-production facilities it means we rarely outsource equipment, keeping production costs down to a minimum whilst providing you with the latest, high quality equipment.

  • Compliance & Distribution

    By working with Clearcast, we handle all compliance issues to ensure your commercial gets a formal clearance to broadcast on UK television networks. As Adstream, account holders, it takes us just minutes to digitally upload finish commercials to most UK & European networks.

  • Production

    From developing initial concepts and a presenting a creative treatment, through to production and final distribution, we can develop a bespoke production solution for your advertising campaign. Or, we can work alongside you and only handle the production areas that you require assistance and support with. Being flexible is key in our approach.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Commercial

We facilitated the production servicing for a series of commercials produced for display at Piccadilly Circus.

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Diet Chef - Television Commercial

Television commercial for diet food delivery service, Diet Chef. We supplied a complete production service for this fast turnaround project.

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